Judge Karen B. Owens recently released Phase 1 Reopening Hearing Procedures and General Reminders dated July 1, 2020 (the “Hearing Procedures”), which set forth: (i) the manner of hearings, (ii) certain procedures for in-person hearings, and (iii) general reminders.

According to the Hearing Procedures, hearings will be held telephonically via CourtCall.  However, in certain circumstances (i.e. for first day hearings, if live testimony may be presented, or at the discretion of the Court), the hearing will be held both telephonically and via Zoom, unless counsel is directed that the hearing will be held at the courthouse.

The Hearing Procedures also provide direction to parties who seek to present documentary evidence, and sets forth the information required of parties seeking to present live witness testimony at a non in-person hearing.

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